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How to use & care for:

How to use Sugar Dynamite:

In the shower after washing, turn away from direct streaming water or turn off shower completely (save water!). Place a small scoop in the palm of your hands and massage onto skin in circular motions, focusing more on dry areas of the body until it dissolves onto the skin. Rinse and pat dry. Cap tightly to keep water out of the jar and store in a cool area to maintain formula and freshness. Gentle enough to use daily. Recommended for body only.  Avoid direct contact with eyes. 

Use the small spoon to stir contents, if needed. 

Where can I use Sugar Dynamite? 

For external use only. Not recommended to use on the face. Why? Your face has different skincare needs than your body, therefore, a body polish is not suitable to use on your face. Use it from your neck down to your toes to slough off dull skin and unveil your smoothest, softest, sexiest skin yet!  Perfect for smoothing & hydrating legs after shaving.


  • Shower or tub may become slippery therefore use caution. Clean your shower/tub regularly. 
  • Do not use on face.
  • Discontinue use if skin irritation develops.
  • Do not use on open skin.
  • Although Sugar Dynamite polishes smell delicious, DO NOT EAT IT. 

How to store Sugar Dynamite:

Close cap tightly after each use.  Store in a dry place, avoiding water.  If water gets into the jar, simply pour it out and close cap.