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About Sugar Dynamite

In 2009, creator and founder Amira Ahmed set out to find a product that would smooth away flakiness, hydrate the skin all the while providing an uplifting sensorial experience that would make her feel good overall. Suffering from her own bouts of dry and sensitive skin from autoimmune disease, she tried so many products to no avail.  It was then out of her own desire she finally decided to create her own sugar-based body scrub that would become popular with family, friends and eventually sought out by others through word of mouth. Everyone described how good they felt after they used it and to sum it up in one word ... it was freaking DYNAMITE! 

Amira decided to take the base of her existing formula and make it even better by adding some kick-ass, dynamite ingredients which led to the birth of SUGAR DYNAMITE. 

Sugar Dynamite believes in the value of handcrafting. We source only quality ingredients to create a body polish that makes you feel good - and it's just as important that you feel good about using it. Therefore we use natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients that are fair-trade, sustainable, animal-friendly, IFRA and Prop 65 compliant. Our main superstar ingredient, sugar, is made without bone-char and is minimally processed (it's why you may see little specs in there).

Sugar Dynamite is not entirely organic/non-GMO however, most of the main ingredients are.  And you can trust that all the ingredients used are of the highest quality, grade A and never tested on animals

Smooth & hydrate your body.  Awaken your senses.  Ignite your spirit. 



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Sugar D.