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What's the shelf life once my jar arrives? 

The shelf life for each jar of Sugar Dynamite is approximately 6 months after purchase.  They're made in small batches, therefore always fresh. You'll want to use it within the timeframe to maximize all the benefits of the ingredients.

Can I purchase Sugar Dynamite online and in stores?

a: Sugar Dynamite is only available on our website currently.

Is Sugar Dynamite tested on animals?

a: None of our products are ever tested on animals, only humans.

Sugar Dynamite uses bone-char free sugar, but what is bone-char to begin with? 

Bone char—often referred to as natural carbon—is widely used by the sugar industry as a decolorizing filter, which allows the sugar cane to achieve a white color. Bone char is made from the bones of cattle who were slaughtered in foreign countries and sold to traders in other foreign countries, who then sell the bones back to the U.S. sugar industry. Typically, sugar is made from sugarcane, sugar beets, or coconuts. 

Is Sugar Dynamite Body Polish vegan?

No, only because we use raw honey however, we can make it vegan upon special request.

Is Sugar Dynamite nut-free? 

a. No. We use sweet almond oil, however if you email us we can create a nut-free body polish just for you. 

Can I use Sugar Dynamite Body Polish on my face?

a. Not recommended although some people do. Our body polish is designed and formulated strictly for the body. Your face has different needs. 

Is this suitable for sensitive skin?

a. Yes. However even the most natural products can irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test first. 

How long are limited edition items available for? 

a. When they sell out. Limited edition items are seasonal scents therefore a pre-determined quantity is set beforehand.   

What if my item arrives damaged? 

a. Please email within 3 days for a replacement.